Project Overview

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Over the course of nearly two years, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the extraordinary and dynamic team behind Skynamo, a groundbreaking sales app with operations spanning the USA, South Africa, and the UK. Through our video productions, we’ve strived to capture the innovation and impact of Skynamo, showcasing its revolutionary approach to sales and highlighting the dedication and ingenuity of its global team.

Project Highlights

  • Our videos highlight Skynamo’s revolutionary sales app and its profound influence across the USA, South Africa, and the UK.
  • Over nearly two years, our collaboration with Skynamo has resulted in compelling video content that captures the essence of their innovative approach to sales.
  • Through our productions, we spotlight the dynamic and dedicated team driving Skynamo’s success, emphasizing their expertise and commitment to reshaping the sales industry.


  • Director: Warren Mac Carthy
  • Director of Photography (DOP): Warren Mac Carthy
  • Editor: Warren Mac Carthy

Visual Results

The visual results of the production capture the dynamic essence of Skynamo’s revolutionary sales app, illustrating its global impact with compelling imagery and storytelling.

Web Marketing Video


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