Project Overview

Web Video Production

Warren Mac Carthy directed and produced a web advertisement featuring French artist Stéphanie Titus, known for her exploration of light and shadow textures. Stéphanie operates from her studio in Marseille and is renowned for her 7m² porcelain wall at the Marseille-Provence World Trade Center. The advertisement captures Stéphanie’s artistic journey and showcases her impactful creations under Mac Carthy’s direction.

Project Highlights

  • Showcases the work of renowned French artist, Stéphanie Titus
  • Focuses on Stéphanie’s exploration of light and shadow textures
  • Features her studio in Marseille as a backdrop
  • Highlights her 7m2 porcelain wall installation at Marseille-Provence World Trade Center

Visual Results

The final video product stunningly captures Stéphanie Titus’s intricate manipulation of light and shadow, offering viewers a mesmerizing glimpse into her artistic world.

Web Video

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