Project Overview

The company aims to streamline the video production process by offering a unique service: shooting, editing, and delivering videos on the same day. This innovative approach is designed to empower the client with greater control over their planning and budget.

Project Highlights

  • Significant Customer Journey Improvement
  • Page Speed Increased 70%
  • Revamped Online Presence


Project Challenges

Clip My Biz was approached by Black Panther Digital with a need for various optimizations to their online presence. Customizing some of the aesthetics, they sought to enhance user engagement and drive traffic to their website. Recognizing these challenges, we reworked elements to streamline the website and integrated API solutions to achieve their goals.

Visual Results

As a team, we successfully differentiated Roav Eyewear, devised tailored social media strategies, crafted engaging content, and leveraged influencers to resonate with the South African market.

The Solution and Results

Utilizing gathered insights, we refined the website’s layout and navigation, enhancing user experience by optimizing loading speeds, improving visual aesthetics, and seamlessly integrating interactive features. Moreover, strategic placement of content and call-to-action buttons was employed to boost user engagement and conversion rates. Our goal was to tailor the website to Black Panther Digital’s objectives, attracting and retaining users effectively

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