Project Overview

As an agency, we were challenged with breaking into the South African market and creating compelling content for Roav Eyewear, a globally acclaimed unisex fashion brand renowned for its stylish eyewear.

Our task was to devise effective social media strategies to differentiate Roav Eyewear and attract South African consumers.

Project Highlights

  • Significant Customer Journey Improvement
  • A steady incremental increase in followers was achieved within 6 months.

Project Challenges

Our core challenges include effectively differentiating Roav Eyewear in the saturated market, devising innovative social media strategies, creating engaging content, and leveraging influencers to connect with the South African audience.

Visual Results

As a team, we successfully differentiated Roav Eyewear, devised tailored social media strategies, crafted engaging content, and leveraged influencers to resonate with the South African market.

The Solution and Results

As a result of our team’s efforts, Roav Eyewear was effectively differentiated, tailored social media strategies were devised, engaging content was crafted, and influencers were leveraged to resonate with the South African market. Additionally, we meticulously revised the user journey, identifying existing faults and rectifying them through our content marketing efforts.

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