Project Overview

Music Video

Warren Mac Carthy, alongside Martin Fisher, discovered the visually arresting location of burnt-out trains in Maitland, where they captured mesmerizing footage of the Rosenthorn group’s talented cellists performing a haunting composition by Helmut Meijer.

Project Highlights

  • Warren Mac Carthy discovered a captivating backdrop among burnt-out trains in Maitland, setting the stage for an unforgettable performance.
  • The Rosenthorn group’s cellists deliver a haunting rendition of Helmut Meijer’s composition, showcasing their exceptional skill and emotive expression.
  • Warren Mac Carthy and Martin Fisher work in tandem, alternating filming duties to capture the essence of the performance, resulting in a visually compelling production.


  • Rosenthorn: Carol Thorns, Anjulie Nock, & Dorette Roos
  • Music Composed by Helmut Meijer
  • Directed and Filmed by Martin Fisher and Warren Mac Carthy
  • Edited and Color Graded by Warren Mac Carthy

Visual Results

The music video production showcases the hauntingly beautiful performance of Rosenthorn against the evocative backdrop of burnt-out trains, delivering a visually mesmerizing and emotionally resonant experience.

Music Video

The Parting

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