Project Overview

Short Documentary

Crafted by Warren MacCarthy, this impactful advertisement has contributed to raising tens of thousands of dollars, exemplifying the significance of a meticulously managed bursary program in a nation plagued by inequality. Francois Pienaar’s Make a Difference Leadership Foundation has been effectively tackling this issue for over a decade, empowering numerous promising youths with quality education and pathways to employment.

Project Highlights

  • Warren MacCarthy’s production raises substantial funds and emphasizes the importance of bursary programs in tackling societal inequality.
  • Through Francois Pienaar’s Foundation, the production highlights a decade of providing education and employment opportunities for countless young individuals.
  • Warren MacCarthy’s multifaceted role ensures a cohesive and visually captivating narrative.


  • Director: Warren MacCarthy
  • DP: Warren MacCarthy
  • Editor: Warren MacCarthy
  • Writer: Warren MacCarthy
  • Colorist: Warren MacCarthy

Visual Results

The visual results produced are a testament to Warren MacCarthy’s skill and vision, capturing the essence of the cause with stunning clarity and emotional resonance, igniting empathy and driving action.

Short Documentary

Tea in Mamelodi

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