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Project overview

Born in New York but brought to life in the vibrant ambiance of Cape Town, Coco Safar embarks on a decade-long odyssey to craft an unparalleled coffee café venture. The brainchild of Wil Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois, this exceptional café is the culmination of two decades of global exploration in pursuit of the most exquisite coffee and culinary delights.


Project highlights

Coco Safar epitomizes culinary excellence, seamlessly blending global inspirations with local charm to create an extraordinary coffee café experience. Over the span of a decade, Coco Safar has embarked on a journey dedicated to crafting the finest coffee offerings in Cape Town. With a combined experience of two decades in coffee culture exploration worldwide, Wil Liebenberg and Caroline Sirois bring a wealth of expertise and passion to Coco Safar, elevating Cape Town’s coffee scene to new heights.


Project credits

In the production of Coco Safar’s cinematic journey, Warren MacCarthy of @zen_cinematic takes on the roles of Director, Director of Photography (DP), and Producer throughout. Collaborating closely with client Wil Liebenberg, Warren ensures the project’s alignment with Coco Safar’s vision. For the shoot’s first two days, Tonga Isango and Marc Degenaar serve as additional DP and Editor respectively, enriching the project with their expertise. Warren MacCarthy’s skill as a Colorist adds the final touches, enhancing the visual narrative. Through this collaborative effort, Coco Safar’s story is brought to life with depth and vibrancy, capturing the essence of its culinary excellence and global inspiration.


Visual Results

Experience the tantalizing fusion of global flavors and local charm at Coco Safar, as captured by Seed Media’s expertly crafted web advert, where every sip and bite promises an unforgettable journey of culinary delight.

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Coco Safar

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