Project Overview

Black Panther Digital collaborated with RELX to craft an ecommerce platform spotlighting the Infinity series, featuring premium vaping devices like Infinity, Infinity Plus, Infinity 2, and Essential. Highlighting materials such as aluminum alloy and PCTG from Eastman, the project aimed to provide an immersive online experience. Through intuitive design, robust security, and SEO optimization, the website emerged as a beacon of innovation, reinforcing RELX’s position as a trusted industry leader.

Project Highlights

  • Black Panther Digital’s efforts increased RELX’s website visibility, driving organic traffic and brand exposure.
  • User-friendly design and streamlined checkout processes led to increased sales and customer satisfaction on the RELX website.
  • Through SEO and design, RELX saw revenue growth and expanded market share, solidifying its industry leadership.

Project Challenges

  • Black Panther Digital faced tough SEO competition in the vaping industry, requiring strategic maneuvers to boost RELX’s visibility.
  • Sustaining user interest and conversions demanded continuous website optimization.
  • Balancing premium brand identity with broad audience reach challenged RELX’s strategy.

Visual Results

The visual results produced by Black Panther Digital were aesthetically captivating, seamlessly blending modern design elements with intuitive user interfaces to create an engaging online experience for RELX customers.

The Solution and Results

Black Panther Digital crafted an immersive ecommerce platform for RELX’s Infinity series, optimizing it for search engines and enhancing user engagement. The solution resulted in increased organic traffic, higher conversion rates, and significant revenue growth, solidifying RELX’s leading position in the vaping industry and establishing a successful partnership with Black Panther Digital.

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